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Hi, we’re EIBO - an IT and management consultancy company based in Sweden, Poland and India which focuses on software development, mobility, web design and testing. World – just like our thinking – has no borders for us. We believe that design is not only a visual concept but also a functional one. With the greatest respect for your individuality, we provide custom-made solutions to promote your brand and enable it to achieve its maximum potential.
Our love with our job keeps us constantly motivated. We are always most excited about our next project. We are experts at using our know-how and experience from a variety of industries when finding solutions for our clients. Our consultants craft beautiful and engaging online experiences. We combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver user-first digital solutions on a worldwide scale. As purely, cleanly and simply as possible.

Our latest projects

We have the know-how and the experience to help our clients all the way from idea to implementation. We can build and design anything.

Booster (non-public project)
(Project, Design)
ERP system with gamification functionality
Loansys (non-public project)
(Project, Design)
Loan broker management system
(Project, Design)
Product & Price comparison portal
(Project, Design)
Scandinavian kitchens
(Project, Design, SEO & Advertising)
Website for Sweden’s one of the biggest MMA federation.
Vanilla Games
(Project, Design)
(Project, Design, SEO & Advertising)
Private site for great polish artist and director Marta Grabicka.
(Project, Design)
Private site for great polish artist Marta Grabicka.

What we do?

Changing your ideas to digital products

  • Advanced Systems and applications development and maintenance
  • Games development for mobile devices
  • Web design and development
  • Web shops installation and configuration
  • SEO & Advertising

Achieving best results based on newest technology with highest security, usability, great design and proactive thinking. We know different methodologies of IT project management Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Prince 2, ITIL, PM3, Sigma, and will combine them to get best results and give your product as much value as possible. It is not just one single team who builds the system for you. It is the whole company and knowledge, which is behind our representatives. Eibo members help each other and control other members’ work to together give your company the biggest value. The more is the better. What stands out in our projects are agile work methodology, continuous improvement and customer needs in focus.

Automatizing and taking care of your daily tasks

Outsource your back-office and customer service to Poland

  • Device management
  • Order management
  • Order registrations
  • Invoicing
  • Trip booking
  • Customer service
  • IT support
  • Sales

We can help you secure, automatize and improve your processes. We can work the other side of the world to minimalise your costs and deliver services that both you and your customers expect.

Hiring IT rock stars

Best IT professionals from India, Poland and Sweden

Ask us about: Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Tester, Automation Tester, Solution, Database or Integration Architect, Developer, Project Manager, System Analyst. We know different methodologies of IT project management such as: Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Prince 2, ITIL, PM3, Sigma and we combine them to always get the best results and give your project as much value as possible. By choosing our consultants, you are getting the whole knowledge of our company, which is behind our representatives. Eibo members help each other and control other members’ work to together offer your company the greatest value. The more brains the better (2>1).

Finding IT rock stars 4 U

We provide you with the most talented IT professionals with great personalities from India, Poland and Sweden, suited just for your needs to give your projects value and improve your team.

Contact Us

If you just want to say "hi" or you have a project that you would like to get us involved in, please don’t be shy and contact us at:

+48 608 593 549

Remember, coffe is always a good reason to meet with us…